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Using the Meet Robbie Zoom App

This document will guide your through using Meet Robbie as a Zoom App



Click the "Add to Zoom Button" from the marketplace page or the side panel in Meet Robbie.

If not logged into Zoom it will prompt you to login with Zoom.

Click on "Authorize" and follow steps to authorize the access on your Zoom account.

If in a meeting, Meet Robbie will come up right in your meeting. Otherwise it will open Meet Robbie in the main Zoom client.

If you have not used Meet Robbie before, you will be quickly onboarded to setup your account.


In a meeting, click the "Apps" button at the bottom of your Zoom client. 

Go to My Apps

Click "Meet Robbie" to bring up the Meet Robbie Zoom App.


Creating a meeting

  1. Click "New Meeting".

  2. Select a date/time and your committee (team).

  3. Click "Create".


Creating an agenda

  1. Click "Create a new Agenda".

  2. Click "Create an Agenda Item".

  3. Add a description and time estimate to the agenda item.

  4. Repeat Step 2 to make your agenda

  5. Recommended: Click "Share" and enter recipients so your team gets the agenda before the meeting

Running your meeting

During the meeting you can keep track of time, take minutes, assign action items.

  1. At the top of the meeting, click the Start button.

    The clock at the top will start if you set a time for your agenda item.

  2. Click on the minutes button of your agenda item and enter minutes or notes for your agenda item. 

  3. Click on the action items button of your agenda item to create agenda items for that particular agenda item. Optionally you can add assignees and due date.

  4. Click next to go through your meeting.

  5. Repeat until your meeting is done.


Sharing your agenda, minutes/notes, or action items

At anytime you can share the agenda, minutes, and/or action items via email. 

  1. In Meet Robbie, at the top of your meeting, click the "Share" button.

  2. Select the element of the meeting you would like to share: the agenda, minutes, and/or action items.

  3. Add recipients by either selecting members of your committee or adding custom email addresses.

  4. Optional: For custom email address check the "invite as members" checkbox to add them as members.

  5. Click "Send".



Uninstalling the Meet Robbie Zoom App

Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace;

Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Meet Robbie app;

Click on the Meet Robbie app;

Click Uninstall


Please send us an e-mail at

Our support team is available between 8am to 9pm (EST Time);

You should expect an answer up to 1 business day.

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