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Helping non-profits by making their meetings more productive and useful

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

I work at a non-profit that unfortunately doesn’t have a culture of sending out agendas before meetings or distributing decisions and actions after a meeting. Generally people like working here, but we aren’t nearly as productive as we could be, and if we ran better meetings we could do more for our clients. That’s why this year we are going to invest in coaching our staff to run better meetings, and we are going to give them Meet Robbie as a simple tool to follow the new process.

We want our staff to appreciate the requirements for different types of meetings, so they only invite the people required based on the agenda, especially for meetings with more than a few people invited. For small project teams we are going to show them how to have shorter meetings focused on whipping through an agenda and reviewing committed actions. We want our staff to learn how to take useful minutes that focus on decisions made and key points that led to those decisions - not just writing down everything said. Meet Robbie makes it easy to keep an agenda, write minutes, and record actions in a structured format that can be easily shared with everyone. We want our tool to be simple and our meetings to be crisp while still offering time to socialize a bit.

We think it takes practice to get good at running meetings, and a few good coaching sessions will pay off quickly. We need to teach people how to keep a meeting on track without missing agenda items that surface during a meeting. Meeting organizers need to know how to bring more voices into the conversation, and how to keep the discussion at the right level of detail. And we want to help people capture smart actions. Our team at Meet Robbie offered to help coach the staff at my non-profit, and to integrate little cheat sheets and templates to help reinforce the training. Everyone wins if we all learn how to run better meetings, and we can get 10 times better by leveraging the age-old lessons incorporated into Meet Robbie.

Sign up on the Meet Robbie homepage for early access to the software that will make it easy to run meetings that matter!

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